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Hello everybody ! Thank you for accesing my website!

I started as a hamradio when I was 10 years old as SWL! Starting with 1977 I get the licence as YO9BXC, active in HF, VHF and UHF.

I am using Yaesu FT-857  and  GPM1500 vertical antenna , TA33M for HF and 9 el F9FT Yagi for VHF and UHF . QSL confirmation:

If my QSL is important for you pls send it direct. ( WITH  SAE + 2US / 1 IRC)

•QSL received direct, will be confirmed direct in 24 hours!

•QSL received via bureau will be confirmed via bureau, but I estimate the turnaround time for a QSL sent via the bureau, of approx 2 year.

•e-QSL also

Member:  YO DX Club #371, EPC #03937, DMC #1134, 30MDG#3654, NDG#507, FH#3207

See you on the bands! GL and DX. FLORIN

Here is a picture with my antennas

yo9bxc antennas


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