gmp 1500 vertical  antenna

GMP 1500 Vertical Antenna

Multiband vertical antenna for 1.8 to 30MHz, with reduced efficiency also useable on 50MHz.Requires a simple coax tuner for operation, the built in tuners usually work well, in somecases a tuner extender (e.g. MFJ-914) is necessary.The antenna can be installed anywhere, either on the rooftop, on the trailer hook or on acamper car during vacations. Due to the slim body the antenna is very unobtrusive. The antenna is fed with a coax cable of any length, PL connector. The radiator is grounded, thus preventing static discharge. Weight only 4kg, transport length only 1.3m, so it fits into every baggage even on air transports.


  • Length: 6.30m
  • Radiator: Aluminium
  • Power rating: 200 Watt
  • Mast dia. max:.: 65mm
  • Wind load @ 140 km/h: 200N


GMP 1500 Assembly:

 extend the whip alu tubes and secure with self-tapping screws supplied. Start with the innermost tube

(antenna tip), otherwise the screws will lock the inner tubes.

  • Do not overtighten screws, consider using some grease or oil.
  • Extend the antenna tip and secure with M4*8 screw.
  • Attach two flat joints to the bracket using screws M6*16, small washer, lock washer and nut. See drawing


Fix 4 long screws M6*100 to the flat joints with a nut. Do not overtighten. Purpose of nuts is just to prevent

the screws from falling of when later the antenna is mounted on the roof.

  • Finally mount bracket, big 6mm washers and lockwashers. Secure with a 6mm nut.
  • GPM-1500 requires some kind of a counterpoise (as all quarterwave verticals). Use some random wires dropped on the floor or below the tiles, a rooftop metal gutter or at least the mast... its not critical. If you really have nothing, it will work without as well... at higher radiation angles.UHF connectors are not waterproof. We recommend to protect the connector with self-amalgating tape (i.e.part no. 23065).

GMP 1500 Parts list

  • Antenna with transformer 1
  • Bracket zinc plated 2
  • Flat joints 20*3*100mm 2
  • screw M6*100 4
  • screw M6*16 4
  • hex screw M4*5 1
  • washer M6 DIN 125 (small) 4
  • washer M6 DIN 9021 (big) 4
  • nut M6 12
  • lockwasher M6 8
  • Self-tapping screw 3.5*9.5 10
  • lockwasher 4mm 11
  • 8Self-tapping screw 3.5*9.5 10lockwasher 4mm 11


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