icom ic-7700

IC-7700 HF/50MHz Transceiver

IP3 performance of a radio can be improved by sacrificing sensitivity, but Icom considers this a poor choice. To achieve REAL high-performance, Icom reviewed all of the analog receiver circuitry. The IC-7700 employs mechanical relay BPF switching, a digitally tuned pre-selector, and three Hi-spec 1st IF filters (roofing filter) in a Dynamic range characteristics (in 14MHz band) clean and simple double-conversion superheterodyne design. By balancing the analog and DSP functions, the IC-7700 provides superior sensitivity simultaneously with a superb dynamic range of 110dB, and +40 dBm IP3 (even in USB mode with 2.4 kHz filter bandwidth).

  • 110dB dynamic range and +40dBm 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3)
  • Better than +110dBm 2nd order intercept point (IP2)
  • Double conversion superheterodyne system
  • High specification inband IMD
  • Inband IMD characteristics
  • Band pass filter
  • DIGI-SEL (Digital pre-selector)
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • 1st mixer
  • Three Hi-Spec 1st IF filters (Roofing Filter)*1
  • 2nd-stage image rejection mixer
  • 50MHz band preamplifier and mixer
  • Two AGC Loops
  • High stability OCXO unit
  • The well-selected components provide premium performance
  • Mechanical relays
  • Hi-spec 1st IF filter
  • Large coils 
  • DSP
  • Power amplifiers.
  • 7-inch wide color TFT LCD
  • USB ports on the front panel
  • RTTY /PSK31 operation without PC connection
  • 4 antenna connectors
  • Real time spectrum scope
  • Digital twin PBT
  • digital IF filter
  • Manual notch filter and auto notch filter
  • Variable noise blanker
  • Noise reduction
  • Digital voice recorder
  • RX audio HPF/LPF setting
  • S/P DIF interface
  • SSB data mode
  • Firmware upgrade for maintaining the best performance
  • 200W output power at full duty cycle, full power operation
  • Microphone equalizer and adjustable transmit bandwidth
  • High speed automatic antenna tuner covering HF to 50MHz band
  • Memory keyer


Other IC-7700 features

[Antenna line]

  • BNC type RX IN/OUT connectors for receiver antenna or external attenuator


  • General coverage receiver covers from 30kHz to 60MHz
    (* Some frequency bands are not guaranteed, depending on version)
  • 4-step attenuator (6/12/18dB and OFF)
  • Twin peak audio filter for RTTY operation


  • Low distortion RF speech compressor
  • Tx monitor
  • 50 CTCSS tone encoder and decoder
  • All mode power control
  • VOX capability (Voice operated transmission)


  • Multi-function electronic keyer with adjustable keying speed, dot-dash ratio and paddle polarity and bug key function
  • DSP controlled CW keying waveform shaping
  • Frequency lock function for split operation
  • The normal (default) CW carrier point is selectable from USB and LSB
  • APF (audio peak filter) function with soft/sharp filter shape
  • Double key jack system
  • Full break-in function
  • CW pitch control from 300 to 900Hz
  • CW/AM auto tuning function


  • Set mode function for flexible and speedy setting
  • Memory pad stores up to 10 (or 5) operating frequencies
  • Quick split function enables split operation with a single action
  • SSB/CW synchronous tuning
  • Single knob control from squelch volume to RF gain
  • RIT and ∂Tx variable up to ±9.999kHz
  • Quick RIT/∂TX clear function
  • UTC/Local Clock and timer function
  • 1Hz pitch tuning and 1Hz indication
  • 101 memory channels with 10-character comment
  • Built-in voice synthesizer announces operating frequency, mode and receiving signal strength
  • Programmed scan, memory scan, select memory scan, VSC scan and ∂F scan
  • Auto tuning step function
  • Band edge beep
  • Main dial tension control and dial lock
  • CI-V interface capability and RS-232C connector for PC connection
  • BNC type Transverter connector
  • Triple band stacking register
  • FFT scope wave averaging function
  • Screen saver function

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